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Find an event in your community and bring your friends and family with you. Encourage others to do the same. If you don’t see an event near you, organize one yourself! Check the calendar regularly to see new events as they are registered.


Create a Stand Against Racism account to gain access to toolkits and materials to support you/your organization’s efforts to promote racial justice and public health reform!

Encourage our elected and public health officials to take steps to address institutional and system racism by investing in and improving social resources for communities of color. Act now and join us! 

Starting out with declarations we can lead to change by speaking out against the systemic and institutional racism that has created the public health crisis we face today. Take the first step towards accountability and reform by making your community aware of the economic and social determinants of health. Get input from community members and public health experts, contact your local legislators, and gain support for declaring racism a public health crisis.

Social determinants of health are the conditions of the environments in which people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age that affect wide-ranging health and quality-of-life outcomes and risks.  In addition to the social, economic, and physical conditions in schools, churches, workplaces and neighborhoods, patterns of social engagements and sense of security and well-being are also impacted by where people live. Decades of unfair social, economic, and political systems have created inequitable communities that are disproportionately burdened by injury, disease, and premature death. These unfair systems aren’t random. They are rooted in racism.