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Genice Shine, Founder of Stand Against Racism

Enyonam Kumekpor, Co-Founder of Stand Against Racism

I am Genice Shine, a psychotherapist, a parent, and a trainer. As a professional, I have over twenty years of experience providing psychotherapy services to diverse populations and statewide training on issues of diversity. As a parent, I am more than concerned about the impact of racism and systemic inequalities. I am concerned for my child, as well as, other children of color within the school system, legal system, and healthcare system. I am concerned and aware of the long term impact of various forms of racism on the human psyche. I am concerned about the daily images of racism via all networks, that young minds are assaulted by and the lasting impact on their psychological development. I am concerned when any child has to live in daily fear. 

I am concerned when any parent lives in daily fear of violence being enacted upon their children. I am concerned when children of color feel: less than, less worthy, and less beautiful, because of the color of their skin, the size of their body and, the size of their perceived financial worth. I would like to help our country be one that we can be proud of for children, grandchildren and, generations to come.

My name is Enyonam Kumekpor. I am a co-founder of Stand Against Racism (SAR).  I am a Special Education Teacher. I am passionate about creating the awareness that racism still exists in our society and it exists in subtle forms that may not be obvious to everyone. It is important for everyone to come together to educate, inform and, to have conversations at every level--local, state and, national--on issues of racism that people may encounter. These issues of racism may be so embedded in our society, culture and, institutions that they may no longer be recognizable. Not doing anything or saying anything will only be detrimental to our future generations. Our future generations should be able to exist in our world knowing that they have equal opportunities to succeed as the next person irrespective of their race or ethnicity. We can work together to do this. This is not a one-person effort but rather an all of us effort.

Together we can Stand Against Racism.  Together we can do this. Please join us to Stand Against Racism.

For further information contact:

Genice Shine, MS,LCDC,LPC,CART


P.O.BOX 501

Cedar Park, Texas 78630

Enyoam Kumekpor, MA Sociology. MA Criminology


701 N. Leora Ln #337

Lewisville TX 75056